International Association of Colon Therapists

About Linda Frantz RN, CCT

Linda has enjoyed a varied career in the healing arts.

  • She has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, primarily Emergency nursing and Hospice care.
  • She attended the Scherer Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1993, becoming a licensed massage therapist in New Mexico and Oregon.
  • For several years, after moving to Bend in 1995, Linda worked as an RN in a holistic healing center. It was during these years she became aware of the profound physical and emotional transformations in clients due to dietary and lifestyle changes and deep cleansing.
  • In 1998 Linda attended the Southwest School of Colon Hydrotherapy. Modalities presented to support detoxification, as well as colon care, included herbal cleansing, body therapies, supplements and lifestyle changes. Linda earned a certification from the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. She has been serving as a colon hydrotherapist in the Bend area for 16 years.

In addition to formal training, Linda's independent education has been ongoing. She has focused on many modalities, including diet and nutrition, Western herbology, Ayurveda, homeopathy and permaculture.

Linda is committed to creating and maintaining harmony and balance in her mind, body, and spirit through:

  • Maintaining a positive attitude with an inquiring mind and open heart
  • Adequate relaxation and sleep
  • A regular exercise, yoga and nutritional practice
  • A diet primarily of organic and seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole grains and plant based protein.
  • Receiving regular colonics.
  • Liberal doses of joy and laughter

Wellness Coach (Nutritional and Life Style Consultations)

Linda is passionate in her belief that every person can empower themselves to achieve balance, to restore, renew and revitalize their health. She supports her clients to enhance their personal accountability, take action and responsibility for optimum health. From her many years of training and experience, Linda guides and supports clients to listen to their inner wisdom, to identify their goals and values, explore options and transform goals into action that facilitates healthy, sustainable life style changes.

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