"I was referred to Ahimsa Body Therapies by my naturopath several years ago.  I was experiencing some skin issues; the colonics, combined with treatment from my naturopath, cleared up my skin.  I found Linda to be a therapeutic presence and very professional and skilled in her practice.  I have continued to use her services 4-5 times a year for maintenance."


"Never having had a colonic before, I was very apprehensive when I went to my first appointment with Linda.  Her quiet calm personality quickly put me at ease.  She took the time to answer all my questions before her session; it was nowhere near as difficult as I had imagined."


"I have been going to Linda for several years – four times a year to mark each change of the season.  In addition to cleansing my colon, the procedure brings awareness of how my body’s dietary and exercise needs change throughout the year.  This ritual is a beautiful gift to myself and her clinic is the perfect healing space."


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